Synergy of Sound Healing Concert


Coming  soon!

Bask in the sacred sounds of gongs, Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, flute, drums, rattles and so much more. Relax and journey into your own inner spaciousness, connect to your divine presence and return your true grounded and light essence.

with Paula Lazaroff & Jacquie Fehon

$25 in advanced 

$30 at the door 

Sign up in studio, or through Vagaro 

For thousands of years, sound, music and rhythm have been used by indigenous and wisdom traditions for celebration, ceremony, healing and spiritual growth. Synergy of Sound concerts are brought to the community as an offering in the spirit of these traditions. Synergy of Sound is a collective created by Lisa Ishwari Murphy, founder of Fairhaven Healing Arts. Lisa’s teachings combine natural law, transformative sound healing and energy medicine practices in a way that is authentic, grounded, light and powerful.

Our collective intention for Synergy of Sound concerts is to support participants with sound and sacred space to give them the opportunity for transformation, deep healing and shifts in consciousness that promote harmony and balance.

Each concert will be a unique expression and embodiment of the moment. After a brief introduction you will be guided through an extended sound meditation lasting from 60-75 minutes. You’ll be invited to connect to body, mind, spirit with the support of the harmonic, rhythmic sounds of a variety of ancient and contemporary instruments from around the world including gongs, tingshas, Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, drums, rattles, flutes, voice and more. Afterwards time will be given for sharing, questions and integration.

Paula Lazaroff and Jacquie Fehon are Energy Medicine and Sound Healing graduates of Fairhaven Healing Arts. They continue to learn in advanced classes and to serve as apprentices in a variety of ways. Both have experienced firsthand the healing and transformative power of sound.



Paula Lazaroff​, LMT, RYT-200

Paula Lazaroff is owner of Essential Healing Arts, a private and community practice in Fairhaven, MA. She provides individual sessions, group sound experiences and classes all with a foundation in energy medicine, sacred sound healing and the natural laws. Her experience includes over 25 years of Somatic Bodywork experience, Certification in Energy Medicine and Sound Healing including Reiki lll and Shamanic Journeying, Craniosacral therapy, and most recently yoga teacher training in Kaula Tantra Yoga.

Out in the community you will find her adding live sound to yoga classes and creating sound concerts as a member of Synergy of Sound, a collective of sound healers taught by Lisa Ishwari Murphy of Fairhaven Healing Arts. And perhaps sometime soon she will be teaching Kaula Tantra Yoga classes!

Paula’s deepest spiritual connections are inspired by shamanic journeying, a love of the natural world (especially the ocean), meditation and of course music and sound. Bringing this experiential connection to her passions for the human body, mind and spirit, science and dance has enlivened every aspect of her work and life.

Jacquie Fehon​, Certified Energy Medicine and Synergy of Sound Practitioner

Love of nature is what connects the many threads of Jacquie Fehon's life journey, beginning with hiking, camping and mountaineering in her teens, to an early vocation in archaeology and conservation, and evolving into a love for organic gardening (food, flowers, healing herbs). A lifelong musician, in her 30's she became passionate about Celtic music--music that serves to bring people together, expresses their joy, and arises organically from the land where they live. Through her healing and training with Lisa Murphy, Jacquie learned that her own music could be healing and uplifting for others. Jacquie is part of the FHA ministry and graciously volunteers her time.