Sva Ha Yoga and the Synergy of Sound

Sva  Ha  Yoga  and  the  Synergy  of  Sound is  rooted  in  the  natural  laws  of  the  Universe.  It  is  infused  with  the  sacred  healing  sounds  and  vibrations of  many  instruments including drums,  singing  bowls,  chimes,  gongs,  carefully  selected recorded  music,  and  human  voice.  Sva  Ha  Yoga  is  the  unique 30  year ongoing  creation  of  Lisa  Ishwari  Murphy,  founder  and  director  of  Fairhaven  Healing  Arts  Center.  Now  co-creator  of  Sea  Spirit Healing  Arts.

For thousands of years, Sound, music, and rhythm have been used by indigenous and wisdom traditions for celebration, ceremony and spiritual growth. Synergy of Sound concerts are brought to the community as an offering in the spirit of these traditions. Synergy of Sound is created by Lisa Ishwari  Murphy,. Lisa’s teachings combine natural law, transformative sound healing, and energy medicine practices in a way that’s authentic, grounded, light and powerful.