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Power and Grace Yoga

Sva- Ha Yoga and the Synergy of Sound


"Sound is a powerful carrier of intention. Releasing stress and discordance that manifests in your body, your brain, and in emotions. This requires us to move into rhythm, consisting of breath, sound and movement. The brain entrains to the rhythm and is best supported by the loving neutral witness. We invite our thought to harmonize with this rhythm, habitual thoughts begin to be liberated. We can invite kinder thoughts and optimal imagining to support that which we want to achieve. To be free of the critic constantly redirecting awareness, and instead focusing our awareness on our breath, to peace and this moment. We begin to witness conscious thought arising, this is what we call inspired thought. This is where genius comes from, where art, music, song, dance, and channeled writing arise. Now we can dream. Now we can quest from our heart's desire. " ~ Lisa Ishwari Murphy Founder of Fairhaven Healing Arts Center

Andrea DeVeau E-RYT 200
Sound Healing and Energy Medicine Practitioner

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Neil Cabral E-RYT 200
Sound Healing and Energy Medicine Practitioner

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